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Wednesday 24 October 2018

Anna Nolan: 'Gender fluid' is a new one to me - you and I need to talk Jonathan Rachel Clynch

I find this really challenging as a I don't know what it means

Anna Nolan

Imagine the reaction then when Jonathan Clynch, who works in RTE, revealed that he is ‘gender fluid’. “What the hell is gender fluid?”, I could hear some people ask. “What do those words even mean?”

I decided to read some of the reactions online. On one website a poster joked about the reaction in RTE – “Jazuz, What the flock… What’s this condition, is it curable.  Can Sharon Ni catch it? Quickly, Google it. The markets are fluid, the situation in Europe is fluid and now our staff are becoming fluid. Get Joe Duffy ready.”

And another tweet cheekily stated: “Always check your gender fluid, my car failed the nct for having low gender fluid...”

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