Monday 26 August 2019

A Mauritian heartbreak for Rosanna and Wes

Former Miss World Rosanna is jetting off to Dubai
Former Miss World Rosanna is jetting off to Dubai
Daithi and Rita
Rangan helps Christian Erikson celebrate his fateful hat-trick
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

Bring me the smelling salts - I think I'm going to faint with the shock of it. Rosanna and Wes will not be going to Mauritius on their usual massively well-earned post-Christmas break. The five-star lodgings the former Miss World, her hubby and family normally sojourn in, she explains, "has been undergoing a big renovation". Quelle dommage. Instead, Rosie will jet off to the Marbs of the United Arab Emirates.

"I'm so thinking of Dubai for a bit of sunshine in January," she told me, adding in the meantime, she is planning a short trip to London - the shop owners on Bond Street will be hoping that it is only a short trip - for a bit of Crimbo shopping and to meet her friend Veronica Ryan.

After all that, she will be jetting to Hamburg in Germany for the annual Movie Meets Media event. (It's OK. I haven't a clue what it is either.) She and Wes will also be getting away for a weekend sometime soon, too. And as for cooking on the big day, clearly vegan Rosie won't be doing a turkey. "No," she explained, "I'll be preparing some vegetarian dishes."

Obviously. But what will be in her stocking? Wes? "My dogs would look far cuter in there than Wes!" she laughed.

Leo is the king of the castle in Laois

I used to ask this very question of Miriam O'Callaghan but I now apply it to An Taoiseach.

How does Leo do it all?

Run the country, be here, there and everywhere around the world for meetings on behalf of the nation, as well as juggle a long-distance relationship with partner Dr Matthew Barrett who is working in Amerikay.

I don't know the answer to the above question, but An T was at his close friend Kate Cullen's wedding in Castle Durrow last weekend in County Laois. Lucinda Creighton also attended.

Leo's other VBF Senator Catherine Noone's approval rating is nearly as high as the Fine Gael leader's if her appearance at Suesey Street on Fitzwilliam Place is anything to go by.

The Ginger Spice of Seanad Eireann turned up to the chic eatery and wine bar to accept the main gong at the inaugural Golden Nanny Awards.

The extremely proud recipient of the Golden Nanny Award 2017 -similar to the Golden Raspberry Awards in the US - told me afterwards "that it was absolutely hilarious".

She added, "They didn't expect me to turn up so I caught them off guard - most of them thought I would stay at home watching re-runs of Mary Poppins but I'm glad I turned up."

RTE star flies babysitters in from America

Daithi and Rita

RTE star Daithi O Se and his lovely wife, former New Jersey Rose, Rita Talty (above) can look forward to an especially enjoyable Christmas this year.

This is because they will have babysitters in residence for the entirety of the Yuletide because Rita's parents are flying over from America to join them in Galway.

"It's all very exciting for young Micheal as he will really appreciate Santa this year. I think I enjoy Christmas more as a parent than as a boy! If such a thing is possible!" Daithi laughed, adding that he is getting the chimney cleaned on December 1 so that the big man will stay clean.

He was presumably referring to Santa Claus?

Conor and the sadly great Danes in Krystle

Rangan helps Christian Erikson celebrate his fateful hat-trick

The Denmark football team went into Krystle nightclub on Tuesday night after a certain match at the Aviva Stadium. (If only they had gone into Krystle the night before, Martin 'n' Roy's boys wouldn't have been on the wrong end of a 5-1 thrashing. But I digress.) Rangan Arulchelvan, the co-owner of the esteemed club, was even photographed fraternising with a certain scorer of a hat-trick, Christian Eriksen. On Friday night in the same spot on Harcourt Street, Conor McGregor popped in with some friends (and his security guards) and stayed for four hours.

It was here, in the VIP ultra-posh penthouse, that Conor happily signed autographs and posed for pictures with people. Around the corner on Leeson Street in House, another sporting legend, Mick Galwey, was in to watch the football on the establishment's big telly. On the previous weekend, TV3 presenter Tommy Martin celebrated his 40th birthday on Saturday night. He was joined by 30 (only 30?) of his closest friends in the conservatory. He arrived at 8pm and left at 2am-ish. On the subject of late late shows, Ryan Tubridy was in House after his show last Friday night with some dear pals, and a rather sublime chanteuse who I could tell you the name of, but you'd have to threaten to kill me with a whoopee cushion first.

OK, OK, Imelda May - one of the greatest female singers to come out of Ireland in decades.Arriving at midnight, Tubs and his party faithful were in the VIP garden, where they stayed until late, late. And why not?

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