Monday 20 November 2017

A generation thwarted by retired old farts...

Repealing the Eighth Amendment remains a burning issue.
Repealing the Eighth Amendment remains a burning issue.

John Masterson

Listen to your elders' advice, not because they are always right, but because they have more experience in being wrong. A lot more.

I have been in the company of 20-somethings a lot recently. They are very angry about the generations that went before and the strictures that the elder lemons are putting on them. I am slightly flattered that they discuss these things with me as a sort of honorary young person. It is all about referenda, or referendums as they are calling them these days. I am all for sensible social change, I am still resolutely opposed to bad grammar. A referendum is now seen as a democratic device for old people to stop young people having the society they want.

Brexit was the first source of rage. Our 8th Amendment was the second. This mixture of young English and Irish people working in London felt European. Like I do. They think in terms of hopping over to Amsterdam or Dublin or Berlin for the weekend. They were apoplectic that all this is seriously jeopardised because retired 'farts' who "fantasise about some past England that never even existed" had voted to exit the EC.

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