Tuesday 20 March 2018

Carol Hunt: Brad Pitt is 50, dear God where did the time go?

Happy Birthday Mr Pitt...
Happy Birthday Mr Pitt...
Carol Hunt

Carol Hunt

Pinch yourself. It's 22 years since we fell in love with that suave, sexy, smooth-talking hitchhiker, JD, in the road movie, Thelma and Louise.

Or at least I did. You may have preferred him in Legends of the Fall, Fight Club, Snatch, Interview with a Vampire, Ocean's Eleven, The Tree of Life… the list goes on and on but everyone – male, female, octogenarian and child has loved Brad Pitt in some movie or another.

Brad is the Robin to George Clooney's Batman; the younger brother every boy wanted, the boyfriend every girl dreamed of, the son-in-law every mother hoped for,and today he's 50.

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