Sunday 25 February 2018

Bressie: Meet anger, abuse and hate with empathy

Reacting with kindness and understanding when confronted with misguided negativityis the smartest move, says Niall Breslin

React with kindness, is the advice from Bressie.
React with kindness, is the advice from Bressie.

'For every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action". I remember staring blankly with a contorted expression of confusion as our science teacher in secondary school declared Newton's third law in the hope it sunk into the heads of his semi-conscious pupils. Only now, years later as an equally confused adult, am I beginning to comprehend what this actually means.

An unfortunate but common side effect of my job is that I tend to receive quite a regular amount of abuse and misguided negativity on social media. In the past I used to let that acidic feeling of anxiety creep up from the pit of my stomach into my throat as I read some guy's deconstruction of my identity, ripping me to shreds and cultivating profoundly personal attacks on my character.

I would find myself over-analysing my own behaviour and trying to comprehend this random person's perception of me.

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