Tuesday 20 March 2018

Being paid to find out you're an asshole

"When there is war, nobody eats" ... wise words from Ciro in Gomorrah
Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

If you haven't seen Gomorrah, the Naples-set gangster series, you should watch it. I'll warn you though. It's grim. I'm watching Season 2 of Narcos right now and it feels like a light-hearted romp after the darkness of Naples. Gomorrah is grim through and through. Even when people are not being murdered and betraying each other, even when they are allegedly enjoying the spoils of drug dealing their lives are grim. They live in cold houses with lots of Versace-esque gilt on everything. There is no joy in those homes.

There is one very important message in Gomorrah Season 2 that they keep hammering home. As Ciro, one of the characters puts it, when there is war, nobody eats. And he's right. When there is war the cops are everywhere and everyone is dying. So nobody is focussed on the day-to-day bread-and-butter issue of selling drugs and making money.

When there is peace, when we are just getting on with life, we always find petty moans and gripes, but it is a life of luxury really, compared to when there is not peace. When we get sick, or injured, when bad things happen, when there is conflict or battles to be fought, these unnecessary extras take up far more time and energy than the day-to-day stuff we all do. How often has something bad or unexpected happened and you've thought, 'if only things could go back to normal, I would appreciate normal so much. When this is passed I will never moan again'.

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