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Basic b*tch: Social isolation self-care tips


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift

* Have a lovely bath.

* Put on a face mask

* Do some yoga videos off YouTube with that girl who won't stop talking.

* Pick a fight with your partner.

* Make sure you get up and dressed in the morning as usual: the better you're dressed, the better you'll feel. Wear your wedding dress to breakfast. Unmarried and cohabiting? Now's the time to get great deals online and drive your partner wild.

* Have a glass of wine. Have a whole bottle of wine. Drink every time an email implores you to stay well in these strange and uncertain times. Drink for hours and fall asleep on the couch. It's good to disconnect sometimes.

* Take on too much and refuse to accept help: this will boost your self-esteem, and make you feel both competent and in control. Has your partner offered to chuck a load in the wash? Laugh in his face. Say no. He doesn't fully understand the differences between a 30- and 40-degree wash and last time it smelled not unpleasant but…different.

* Learn a new hobby. Monetise that hobby, because otherwise it's pointless. Getting in touch to aggressively peddle your new wax-melts business is a great way of reconnecting with old friends.

* Stay positive! Do not read the news, talk to your family, go on social media or look out your window. These things will only enrage you. Protect yourself from negativity and consume only old Bunty annuals.

* Buy some hand cream. Buy a tissue mask. Buy a scented candle. Buy a more expensive scented candle. Buy a porcelain essential-oil diffuser. Buy some new pyjamas. Buy them in silk. Buy a cashmere tracksuit. Buy a rose-quartz sex toy. Buy a professional juicer. Buy anything Gwyneth Paltrow's selling.

* Recharge by staying up late watching old series of Love Island on Netflix. Keep watching until you feel your heart rate start to slow. Keep watching until your breathing becomes regular. Keep watching until you forget about everything. Keep watching until your eyes close. Sleep until lunchtime. Carry on watching.

* Really, call your granny.


So Over: Bad manners

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