Monday 15 October 2018

'And I'm feeling to be bohemian like you'

An explosion of life and colour
An explosion of life and colour

Do you ever wonder, what if you are totally wrong? What if the whole life you have constructed and all the things you cling to are all utterly wrong? What if you are making a massive mistake?

I do. But I push those thoughts down, because it's kind of the appalling vista. To change now, mid way through, would be like trying to do a handbrake turn with an oil tanker.

I got it last week. We were out around the country and one of the jobs I had made up to give the journey purpose was to call to an artist and maybe buy a print off him. So we headed off down through East Cork and almost into West Waterford. The forecast was so-so but, as we drove, the day got steadily more beautiful, and the landscape around me and the big sky became more and more uplifting. I hadn't been there before and the artist's partner said they'd meet us at a certain petrol station, and then she would lead us into "the middle of nowhere".

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