Sunday 17 December 2017

You're sorry? Not half as sorry as we are, Simon

Far from being in limbo, as he claims, failed developer Simon Kelly is in La La Land, writes Carol Hunt

On January 10 last year, failed property developer Simon Kelly (son of failed property tycoon, Paddy) wrote an article for a Sunday newspaper, beginning with the words, "I'm sorry." Welcome words from a member of the 'elite', one would think?

He continued: "These should be the first words you hear from any property developer. . . we have done long-term fiscal damage to Ireland which will take years of hard work to correct."

Since then, Kelly has published a book (Breakfast with Anglo) and appeared on numerous radio shows to reiterate just how "sorry" he really is for all the damage he has inflicted on the rest of us, how chastened he is by the experience and how he is equally a victim of the whole insane property bubble.

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