Saturday 24 February 2018

Your country has been bought into Euro-slavedom

The autocrats in Brussels have bought Ireland in increments, but there are alternatives to subservience, writes Frederick Forsyth

In 1919 in Petrograd, watching Lenin's revolution unfold, an American journalist cabled eight words which became famous. "I have seen the future," he wrote, "and it works." He remained a dedicated Communist for the rest of his days, rather than admit he had been wrong.

In truth, he had been half right. He was indeed watching the Russian future, but it never worked. World Communism slaughtered around a hundred million people (Stalin and Mao and their deliberately created famines) but everything it touched failed miserably.

In 1940 a Norwegian major had a similar epiphany. He too became convinced he had perceived the future of Europe. His name lives on, but to be fair to Vidkun Quisling he was one of hundreds of thousands utterly persuaded that Britain would be invaded and crushed that summer. The future was National Socialist; it was based in Berlin; it would be insane to resist the inevitable. In 1945 he was dragged out and shot. . . but not for being Right, it was for being wrong.

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