Monday 11 December 2017

Young and vulnerable, her last days spent in fear

Only Marioara's murderer knows the true extent of the horror she felt, write Maeve Sheehan and Jim Cusack

EASY PREY: 18-year-old Marioara Rostas, was brutally
EASY PREY: 18-year-old Marioara Rostas, was brutally murdered
a member of Marioara's family, on 'Crimecall'
the squat, where Marioara and her family lived
a hearse removing her remains in the Wicklow Mountains
Jim Cusack

Jim Cusack

MARIOaRA Rostas must have seemed easy prey to the sexual predator cruising the Dublin streets on that cold Sunday afternoon in 2008.

The Roma teenager patrolled the city with her gypsy family, begging strangers for money in cars stopped at city centre traffic lights. She had arrived in Ireland three weeks earlier and didn't have a word of English. She was 18 but she looked closer to 14, dressed in her blue jeans, black jacket and a pink scarf, appealing to passing motorists for money. Marioara and her 15-year-old brother, Dimitru, were on Lombard Street, her father was around the corner on Pearse Street and her mother and other siblings begged nearby.

Her brother saw her leaning into the silver Ford Mondeo that had pulled over across the street. When he approached the car, Marioara was sitting in the passenger seat. She told her brother she was going for a McDonald's and the driver, a dark-haired man, leaned across and gave him €10. That was the last Dimitru saw of her.

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