Sunday 21 January 2018

Yet again, the public sector albatross gets off lightly

In the four-year plan, Cowen and Lenihan have once more shown their utter spinelessness, writes Eamon Delaney

IT'S exactly as so many of us feared. The Four Year Plan spreads the pain to most parts of the population, except for our oversized public sector, which is cosseted and protected -- again.

The cuts and reform measures are derisory: a reduction of about 25,000 in jobs, but backdated two years, so half that number includes those who have already left. Meanwhile, basic pay levels remain untouched as the Croke Park fudge prevails.

Pensions are to be cut by 4 per cent, which is an imposition on lower-paid public servants and those who recently opted out, but is a minuscule sum, given that many public sector pensions run into hundreds of thousands and are crippling the public purse.

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