Saturday 18 November 2017

Yes, the ego has landed -- but Cox is still FG's best hope for the Aras

ICAN'T help but notice that giving the opinion that Pat Cox is the best of the current field of possible presidential candidates elicits an immediate "Good God, I couldn't stand it" type of response.

I do understand. I can hardly believe I'm saying it myself. Without a doubt, this is a man with a huge welcome for himself. In fact, he's one of the first people I ever interviewed after graduating from college, during the course of the 1989 European election, and I remember hoping fervently that future interviewees would take themselves a little less seriously.

Pat is one of four who have declared themselves as interested in running for Fine Gael in the presidential election and the way it's going you couldn't rule out any other party member getting a rush of blood to the head and declaring. This thing is turning into a bit of a bun fight for the Blueshirts. The party is in danger of letting the Presidency slip through its fingers at a time when it has its best-ever chance of winning.

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