Wednesday 21 February 2018

Wrong-headed ambition along with animal cunning

The very existence of Wapping spin-monkeys is a massive declaration of executive failure, writes Declan Lynch

During evidence to the Commons committee, it emerged that the Metropolitan Police had 45 press officers. Later the comedian Jonnie Marbles, the sort of fellow who himself symbolises much that is wrong with the world, was able to attack Rupert Murdoch with a plate of shaving foam. And what is the connection?

Well, the police force which sees the need for 45 press officers (by some estimates there were 69, but we'll go with 45), is effectively making a statement which goes something like this: "Nabbing villains is all very well. And putting bobbies on the beat would be nice. But these days our energies are mostly directed towards the area of bullshit. You could say that bullshit is now our business. It is what we do."

And sure enough, this organisation which had 45 press officers working at full capacity, doing whatever it is they do, was unable to stop an attack by some joker with a proverbial custard pie.

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