Thursday 14 December 2017

Wives hold key to a man's world

Cheryl Cole and Sarah Brown are the opposite of dependent wives. So we care what they think about their husbands, writes Julia Molony


CHERYL Cole has finally left her cheating husband. And amen to that. Her adoring public, of course, not least her massive male fan base, has been willing it for years -- since news of the footballer's seedy shenanigans first broke in 2008.

And so, in trail-blazing form, Cheryl has broken the mould, doing what former betrayed footballers' wives Toni Terry and Victoria Beckham (among countless others) didn't have the moxie to go through with. She's dumped him.

Apart from among Chelsea fans, there hasn't been much public love lost for Ashley since hairdresser Aimee Walton dished the details of his puking, and seducing, and was swiftly followed by a bevy of other women, none of whose charms could match Cheryl's, all of whom added up to paint a portrait of a needy, grubby, unpleasant, undiscerning sort of a man.

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