Friday 24 November 2017

Without our consent, our bodies are being flooded with a toxin

Cancer incidence in the Republic is far greater than in non-fluoridated Northern Ireland

Declan Waugh

Fluoride is a significant contributor to a wide range of chronic inflammatory diseases, metabolic disorders and neurological diseases. But I will just address fluoridation and cancer.

In 2001, researchers at the University of Tokyo published findings in the Journal of Epidemiology which reported a significant association between water fluoridation and cancer. Researchers undertook detailed statistical analysis of cancer incidence rates and water fluoridation in the USA, comparing fluoridated and non-fluoridated states. Of the 36 cancer sites in males and females examined, 23 (69 per cent) were significantly associated with water fluoridation. The reason given by the authors for the higher cancer incidence rates in fluoridated communities was the extended presence of fluoride in plasma and urine and the infusion of fluoride into the brain and other organs.

Research has demonstrated that exposure to fluoride comparable to those experienced by individuals who live in fluoridated communities results in a 15- to 20-fold increase in plasma fluoride levels. Once in the body, fluoride accumulates to very high levels over one's lifetime. And the highest concentrations have been found in the human pineal gland.

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