Monday 23 April 2018

Without doubt, we need a referendum on bank bailout

Between cowardly crawling and suicide bomber tactics lies the sensible path of debate, writes Marc Coleman

William Butler Yeats was right: the best do lack all conviction. And the worst really are full of passionate intensity.

The week just gone is a good example. After last year denouncing Brussels' attempts to control our budgetary process, Enda Kenny was in Brussels last week discussing how to do just that.

His motive was a good one: to soften the bailout. But instead of paying homage by going to Brussels, he should have stayed in Dublin and promised that if Fine Gael is elected, the Irish people will have their say on the bailout in a referendum. But, as with the Croke Park deal, FG always starts from a position of weakness. And, like Fianna Fail before it, FG seems ready to discuss our future with anyone -- Manuel Barroso, the IMF, David Begg -- anyone but us.

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