Monday 20 November 2017

Willie Kealy: A new era dawns - if we don't reject it

If the Coalition wants to pass the treaty, they must be upfront about need for second bailout, writes Willie Kealy

Are you scared? Did Michael Noonan frighten you when he said the next budget would be "dramatically more difficult" if there is a 'No' vote? If he did, then good.

Because he was telling the truth. Without access to further bailout funds we won't be just trying to reduce our deficit -- we will have to obliterate it! The truth hurts. And the truth is scary. The problem is he didn't tell you the half of it. He didn't scare you enough.

Right now there is a good chance that the referendum will be defeated with too many voters prepared to act in ignorance -- because it has not been explained properly or has been misrepresented -- or in anger, because they just want a chance to kick the Government over stealth taxes and arrogant and incompetent ministers.

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