Monday 19 February 2018

Why we prefer a crazy story to absolute truth

Christina Patterson

Amanda Knox is in tears as she is guided out of court by police after she was cleared of murder.

In the end, it took two minutes. In the end, after four years in a prison cell shared with a killer, four years of being called a witch, and whore, and she-devil, four years of dreaming of a freedom she never thought she'd lose, and of wondering if she'd ever get to see the place she called home again, it took two minutes for an Italian court to overturn the verdict that had turned a young American woman into one of the most famous murderers in the world.

It was terrible, of course, to see the mother, sister and brother of a young woman who had been left to bleed to death after having her throat slashed, walking, in front of the world's cameras, into a courtroom.

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