Wednesday 21 March 2018

Why wages of success should not be infidelity

Compulsory paid paternity leave would go a long way towards levelling the playing field, writes Carol Hunt

The most obvious response to the headline 'Men paid less than their wives are five times more likely to cheat'' is eh, Tiger Woods anybody? John Terry? Ronan Keating? Peter Crouch? Jude Law? (I'll stop now but you know I could fill the page).

However, if you read further down the small print of last week's report you see that Christin Munsch, PhD, of Cornell University, has cleverly anticipated this objection as she adds:

"At the other end, men who make a lot more money than their partners may be in jobs that offer more opportunities for cheating like long work hours, travel and higher incomes that make it easier to conceal". Seemingly it took Munsch years of third level study to learn what reading any edition of Heat magazine could have told her:

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