Saturday 20 January 2018

Why the vuvuzela is not music to my ears

The World Cup debate shows how we tend to place 'cultural rights' above human decency, writes Carol Hunt

The brother wished he'd had one of those vuvuzela yokes at Croker last weekend. Whether to put a bit of oomph into the first-half lacklustre performance of the Dubs or scare the living daylights out of the nearby Wexford supporters, I'm not quite sure, but he was a little disappointed when I informed him that under current GAA rules, bugles, trumpets or anything resembling a fog-horn is banned outright. So that includes the infamous vuvuzela or indeed any type of bugle -- even if it's the one blown by Brian Boru the night before the battle of Clontarf.

You can make as many arguments about cultural traditions or the rights of football supporters as you like, the boys who run Croke Park aren't having any of it.

Last week, GAA spokesman Alan Milton said: "They will be taken from people if seen on the way in. It will be hard to ensure none get into the stadium, but if somebody alerts stewards in the stadium we will go and take them away".

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