Friday 23 March 2018

Why Ireland should now think about a change of team

It could be that, impelled by the British example next door, the Irish made the wrong choice 35 years ago, writes Frederick Forsyth

The recent articles by Mike Soden and myself seem to have touched something of a chord to judge by the public response. I cannot know whether there is a mood for campaigning in Ireland, but there is a great cause that is snoozing.

It is to organise the biggest public opinion debate and poll the country has ever seen. County by county, perhaps constituency by constituency: at every level -- parish, pub, voluntary association, local media. Consult the people; let the people debate; let the people vote.

The issue: Ireland's real future. Is it to be subsumption into the EU forever or has that fever passed? Is there an alternative? Where is Ireland presently going? Do the Irish people wish to go there? For a surety there is no doubt in Brussels. The so-long-hidden and denied destination is a superstate after all, and Ireland can only be a small, devolved, regional territory in it.

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