Sunday 18 November 2018

Who else would even dream of paying them this much?

The RTE 'stars' who are refusing to offer wage cuts could pay dearly further down the line, says Jody Corcoran

EAMON Dunphy gets €320,000 a year from RTE. He has offered to take a 10 per cent pay cut. That means he will be giving up €32,000 a year, almost the average industrial wage.

Dunphy is to be admired. His fellow 'stars' in RTE should follow his example. Miriam O'Callaghan and Derek Mooney have. But other, bigger names won't. Not yet anyway, not until they are shamed into it. Their ego, which outweighs their talent, may withstand the heat for a while. Not to worry, though, the recession will catch up with them eventually, sooner rather than later.

RTE's advertising income is dropping fast. This is informed guesswork, but next year, or when their current contracts expire, Pat Kenny could be €250,000 lighter; Gerry Ryan could be down €170,000, and Joe Duffy may be €110,000 less well-off. If they are, the licence-payers will not shed a tear. Dunphy's gesture was generous, and timely, as you might expect from a man still with his finger on the pulse. He is paid for a radio show, but primarily he gets his massive sum for being the star of RTE's football coverage.

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