Sunday 18 February 2018

Whether we're lost or in pole position is a point of view

What do you give the man who has everything for his birthday, asks Nicky Larkin. Epilepsy. And maybe new shoes

Nicky Larkin

LAST week I became the first of my school friends to turn 30. It only feels like yesterday we had that mad year of 18th's, but in reality it's a whole decade and spare change ago. Since those innocent days some of us got married, more of us have kids, one of us became a priest, and I had a seizure.

Back in 2001 when we had all those 18ths the world was full of Britney Spears, Harry Potter, and promise. And we were all being told to be quantity surveyors...

We didn't even know what a quantity surveyor was. But that careers advice woman was quite insistent. By the time we were 30 we'd all be rich she said, if we stuck to surveying those quantities. With all those construction cranes, the sky was truly the limit. All you had to do was turn those Leaving Cert points into hard currency. Oh, and make sure you did a science subject ...

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