Tuesday 20 February 2018

Where's the rock 'n' roll Adam?

You know that a showbiz court case has caught the imagination of the public when even RTE's main evening news deigns to deem it worthy of attention.

But the Adam Clayton/ housekeeper case is no ordinary case. Not, funnily, because of tales of rock 'n' roll excess but mainly because it turns out however that Clayton's life is disappointingly normal.

For someone who was originally the party animal in U2, it turns out that Adam Clayton, unfortunately, lives, as he would have it himself, in the same world as the rest of us. It slightly spoiled things for those of us who were brought up to believe life would be more exciting if you were a rock star, as we learnt that, no matter how rich and famous you become, you will still be just you, and you still lead, in ways, the same mundane life as the rest of us, just maybe without the money worries.

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