Tuesday 23 January 2018

What we're dealing with is a collapse in political will

Jody Corcoran believes we urgently need a referendum on whether Ireland should withdraw from the eurozone

THE visit of Queen Elizabeth seems to have been a momentous occasion. I say "seems" because I was abroad for the week and, regrettably, missed the entire event, only to make it back in time for the relative disappointment that was a visit by President Barack Obama.

Predictably, the Obama visit showed only that the Irish will never pass an opportunity to believe that they are at the centre of the universe and that the world, let alone Europe, loves us and cares what we may think.

It was inevitable, then, that the Chicago-esque, back-slapping, pint drinking, Tammany Hall-style stopover by the president would be portrayed as of significance, when the truth is that it will prove to be anything but -- save for a short-lived tourism boon to Moneygall.

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