Monday 23 October 2017

What keeps these unwanted people going?

John Walsh

As Laurent Gbagbo hid in his Abidjan bunker yesterday, waiting for the end, did he think it was all worth it? Thirteen-hundred dead, 130,000 Ivorians fled to Liberia, a million more displaced, blood-crazed gangs roaming the streets -- and all because of a man who couldn't leave the power chair when his time was up.

When last November's poll revealed that Mr Gbagbo's rival, Alassane Ouettara, had won with 54pc of the vote, Mr Gbagbo made his Constitutional Council rule that some votes in the northern regions were null and void and therefore he'd won.

But was it worth all the killings and fleeings and gangster mayhem to remain in power for those four months? Could his continuing access to Ivory Coast dollars, limousines, cigars and the breakfast buffet at the presidential palace justify all the trouble it caused?

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