Tuesday 24 October 2017

What happened to all the fighting talk and crusades?

Enda Kenny and his ministers would do well to remember that they didn't ascend to the Dail, writes Celia Larkin

Celia Larkin

Quick, grab the popcorn, jump on the couch, switch on the telly. It's The Simpsons. Well not quite, it's only Enda and he's about to distress the nation, Oh, sorry -- address the nation. When? We don't know. About what? We can only speculate.

Perhaps he's going to explain to us how nominating his party running mate Patrick Durcan to the District Court, Fine Gael financial donor Senior Counsel Kevin Cross and former Workers Party colleague and one time legal representative of Eamon Gilmore Judge Michael White for appointment to the High Court by the President is not cronyism. Or maybe he'll explain why his advisers merit exceeding the salary ceiling he himself put in place. Maybe it's just a case of being ill advised.

Explanations? Not a hope in hell. This is the fellow who won't even answer direct Dail questions, it would be naive to expect him to address glaring discrepancies between his pronouncements and practices.

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