Thursday 22 February 2018

We're strangled by our EU paymasters

James Fitzsimons

A YEAR has yet to pass since it came to power and the Government, having failed to deliver on its election promises, continues to disappoint. Like its predecessor, it has taken a very provincial approach to dealing with a national problem.

Bowing to the superiority of its EU paymasters, Ireland has been relegated to the status of little more than a concentration camp. Oblivious to the injustice of its actions, it doles out whatever punishment its taskmasters demand for our society.

It is clear that the primary objective in politics is to get elected, but once that job is done the system breaks down. Talk is cheap. Those who win these seats rarely show the abilities that are needed to deliver on their promises. Even with the best will in the world, they won't solve the problems if they don't possess the necessary qualification, experience and skills. It's a pity that many political winners don't always make good and effective governments and that those with the skills are hampered by the system in making things happen.

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