Friday 20 April 2018

We'll get a €250m bill so are Moriarty's opinions worth it?

LIKE most of you, I have to say I am baffled. And this latest dose of surrealism comes just when we thought things couldn't get more surreal in this little country of ours, where we have become accustomed, in recent years, to accepting that most people in public life seem to habitually lie to us as a matter of course.

All we really know for sure this weekend about the whole Moriarty/Denis O'Brien/Michael Lowry affair is that people are lying. People are lying in a spectacular fashion.

A good portion of the people involved in this whole thing have to be lying. Because what we have ended up with, after 14 years and a couple of hundred million and change, are some multi-millionaire lawyers and a Mexican stand-off between a High Court judge on one side, and one of the most successful businessmen and one of the most voted-for politicians in the country on the other.

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