Saturday 16 December 2017

Welcome to North Korea, Shinner-style

Sinn Fein's economic policies would crush the chances of growth in Ireland, writes Jim Power

OVER the coming weeks an army of snake-oil salesmen will try to seduce the citizens of Ireland on their doorsteps by offering all sorts of promises in return for their vote. We'll need to be very careful about what we believe.

The facts on the Irish situation are very clear. The economy is still in the middle of a very difficult situation; public finances are unsustainable on the basis that we spend too much running the country and the base from which we collect taxes is too narrow; the ECB is providing the funding that is keeping our banking system alive; and the conditions of the IMF/EU bailout fund has put very strict constraints on the manner in which the economy will be run during the potential lifetime of the next government.

In short, there are no easy options -- and anyone who says there are is living in cloud cuckoo land.

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