Saturday 18 November 2017

We'd fight Cowen's witch-hunt, if only we could find it

We can't have an inquisition when there's not a single suitable candidate for crusader, writes John Drennan

WE hate to be the bearer of evil tidings, but it's time to tell you that our "anointed" betters are not happy. It is bad enough that the people are letting our leaders down by their failure to put a brave face on things and an inability to embrace their "patriotic duties". Ultimately, the great fear -- and the sensitive ones among you may avert your eyes -- is that the petite bourgeoisie and the lower orders are abandoning themselves to licentious witch hunting.

Brian Cowen in particular is quite unhappy about the public's desire for scapegoats -- and he is not alone, for Mary Hanafin, the Minister for Finance and our cherished Health Minister Mary Harney are equally concerned.

Inevitably, the intelligentsia's equivalent of Sam the American Bald Eagle -- otherwise known as the Irish Times columnist Noel Whelan -- has treated us to the usual patronising pomp and circumstance about the dangers of witch hunts. And -- though it has not fully surfaced within the dinner parties of bankers, barristers, "entrepreneurs", builders, levy-dodging judges and the best-paid hospital consultants, college lecturers and civil service mandarins in the world -- all the talk is of how we must combat the dissipated joys of the witch hunt.

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