Thursday 18 January 2018

We should give Mr PIP public opinion asylum – but in a smaller house

Let's be decent and not name him, OK? Let's give him the smallest of small mercies and just call him Mr PIP. Mr PIP is the Personal Insolvency Practitioner who said on one of RTE radio's most popular programmes that you couldn't be asking solicitors, accountants and GPs to give up gorgeous big houses they can no longer afford because they need those very houses to reflect their 'status.'

If he'd gone up to the zoo and socked a baby panda with a sackful of wet sand, he couldn't have riled us more. People in their thousands were so eager to smite him that telephone lines melted and computers imploded. The nation which, up to that point, had been worrying about the upcoming Budget, did a collective "Run that past me again? He said what, exactly?" Only to realise that we'd heard it right.

Yes, this expert in personal insolvency was saying that a special rule should apply to some sole traders and professional workers that would allow them to keep their oversized luxury homes, their trophy houses, even if they no longer had enough children to stuff into the multiplicity of bedrooms.

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