Saturday 20 January 2018

We should bail out the people as well as banks

By giving the cash-strapped public a helping hand we will stimulate the economy into moving forwards again, writes Brendan O'Connor

SO IT seems that one third of us, at least, are confused. And that's no surprise. The people on the 'Yes' side promise austerity if we vote 'No', and the people on the 'No' side promise austerity if we vote 'Yes'. To make matters more confusing, they are both also claiming to stand for growth. Indeed, the people on the 'Yes' side are promising a heady, some would say impossible, cocktail of austerity and growth.

Both sides seem to be united on the need for a stimulus package, and while neither is telling us exactly what they mean by a stimulus package, both seem to have the same worrying idea of how to stimulate an economy -- which is to use more of our money to create more government jobs. They will apparently be using our pensions and the proceeds of selling off any State assets that are any good to create this stimulus package.

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