Saturday 25 November 2017

We need to see action, not lip service, from our team leader

The Taoiseach must do more than play the public reproach card on semi-state bonuses, writes Celia Larkin

It's unbelievable. Here we are, two years into the worst economic meltdown the country has ever suffered, and we're still talking about bonuses for CEOs of semi-state bodies.

What planet are these guys on? Have they spent the past two years in solitary confinement, cut off from news or media reports? Are they oblivious to the hardship their fellow citizens are experiencing? Foreclosure on loans, essential services such as lighting and heating cut off, educational and healthcare facilities cut to the bone, not to mention the affliction of long-term unemployment.

The justification offered for the sanction of bonuses to Declan Collier, CEO of Dublin Airport Authority (DAA), that "he returned the company to profit", is frankly ridiculous. Excuse me if I got it wrong, but I thought that was the job of a CEO. It's their responsibility to ensure their company runs as a profitable organisation. Let's face it, in the private sector, if the company is not a profitable or break-even operation then it goes out of business. The reward for doing a good job is having a job.

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