Thursday 18 October 2018

We need emergency law to punish guilty fat cats

Like the IRA, these people too have been responsible for loss of life, writes Tim Pat Coogan

TWO things should emerge from the present crisis. Firstly, any incoming government must introduce emergency legislation whereby those responsible for that crisis are punished both financially and by jail sentences.

Secondly, there must be a far greater realisation of the truth that politics is much too serious a business to be left to politicians.

I'll return to the legislation issue in a moment, but first let me point out that in a sense we are all responsible for what has happened. We were lazy and we left it to the worshippers, not merely of the Golden Calf, but of a Golden Bullock. How many of us have ever either joined a political party or taken any part in the selection of candidates on the formulation of policy?

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