Monday 21 October 2019

We must destroy nest of devils in the Vatican, for Christ's sake

If the 'imposters' who run the church don't leave, then it's time to build a new one, writes Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O'Connor

Well, well, well, Bishop John Magee. Truly you are one of the most glorious examples of supreme idiocy in human history. As proven by you actually thinking you might fool all in the end, including God.

The Cloyne Report is the beginning of the end of all Vatican and Catholic hierarchical lies.

Not even the dogs who merely pee against the walls of the Vatican can escape its judgment.

Monsignor O'Callaghan, you also are resplendent with the same shimmering stupidity of thinking you could fool God and us -- which by the grace of the Holy Spirit you revealed on RTE Radio's News at One last Thursday when, in response to being repeatedly asked under what circumstances you might not have reported an allegation to civil authorities you listed among other desperate, straw-grasping, fumbling reasons that "it might be Christmas".

Maybe the priest was supposed to be making the puddings and the dinner would be ruined without him? I dunno.

I'd love to have had the opportunity to ask you to elaborate.

And I would also love to ask you that if the child victims of rape were nieces and nephews or brothers or sisters of the clergy, do you think the clergy would have behaved differently?

As I see it, the only way this current leadership of the Catholic Church can save the reputation of Catholicism is to walk out of the Vatican now and give us over the keys so we can run the church ourselves .

Our situation as Catholics now is that we can plainly see our church has been hijacked by liars.

The good name of Catholicism is in ruins because imposters who do not respect the Holy Spirit have made a nest for devils in the Vatican and Christ is being held hostage.

This can only continue if we allow it. It should be either they walk away or we do. One way or the other we cannot leave Christ in their care for another moment.

If they do not confess all and vacate, then we must look at starting our own alternative church as a breakaway from what they have turned Catholicism into.

The people's alternative catholic church, welcoming all current Catholic clergy who feel -- as we do -- that Christ is being murdered by liars. And welcoming any and all who wish to proclaim that what is being sold by the Vatican is not Catholicism at all.

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