Wednesday 17 October 2018

We have to earn the public's trust again

Sunday Independent Editor Aengus Fanning talks to Richie Boucher about his new role as top man at Bank of Ireland

RICHIE Boucher, is an old Africa hand, born in Zambia and educated in Zimbabwe. At 50, he is settling into one of the hottest seats in the country, the top job in the Bank of Ireland. A sports-loving career banker, built like a rugby forward, he has been 30 years with the bank.

One feels that a man whose character was forged in the crucibles of southern African countries during their emergence to independence will not be fazed by the little local difficulty of the post-boom chaos of the Irish economy.

And that is certainly the impression Richie Boucher creates: that of a character with real mettle, unflappable in a crisis, who knows the difference between economic recession on the one hand, and political and social mayhem on the other, and who has experience of what things are like when the chips are really down.

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