Thursday 22 February 2018

'We can't blame the politicians for being the ones the people chose'

Aengus Fanning talks to Michael McDowell about our parliamentary system, the future of the Seanad and a possible return to the political fray

MICHAEL McDowell is by no means a popular figure. Is it perhaps that he is too direct, or is seen as too right-wing, or lacks the ability to be all things to all people that seems to be an essential requirement for success with voters?

There is no doubt that McDowell was badly bruised by his defeat in the 2007 general election, and has declared 'a plague on all politics' since then.

But as we enter our third year of deep recession, has the iron entered our soul? Would we welcome some plain speaking, some rigorous and clinical analysis, some strong medicine, as an antidote to the sleeveen parish-pump politicians of whom we have many?

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