Monday 20 November 2017

We can't base our laws on faith

Claims of a relentless onslaught of 'aggressive secularism', especially in the media, are nonsense, writes Carol Hunt

Last weekend, President Mary McAleese was in Rome addressing a conference entitled 'Religious Freedom: East and West'. An exemplary topic, one would initially assume.

The conference itself was dedicated to the memory of a brave and good man -- Chaldean Catholic Fr Ragheed Ganni, who was murdered, along with three sub-deacons, in Northern Iraq because he was a Christian.

However, there is a certain horrific irony in the fact that Ganni was killed by deeply religious Sunni Arabs who were exercising their own perverted form of "religious freedom" in eradicating their townland of what they viewed as a dangerous heretic -- in much the same way as Sir Thomas More (the patron saint of politicians) ruthlessly tortured and murdered many people of deep religious faith who dared to read the bible in English. He, too, was exercising his fanatical version of "religious freedom". My God trumps your God, and all that.

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