Monday 11 December 2017

We can learn from this triumph of spirit over adversity

If we are to unite to climb out of our own deep black hole, we must hold an election, writes Carol Hunt

Eventually, Sky News had to concede that there were other stories it should air, apart from focusing solely on the Chilean miners. So it split the screen, and ran the normal roll of news on the right-hand side while continuing to satisfy our hunger to experience every second of the miners' rescue on the left.

Did you stay up Tuesday night/Wednesday morning to catch the first glimpses of the men emerging from what could -- what should -- have been their tomb? I did. I'm paying for the lost hours of sleep now, but it was worth it -- it's not often you see the resurrection of not one, but 33 people, played out live in your sitting room, moment by exhilarating moment.

And we savoured every emotional minute of it, because we know it may be a long time before we see such a magnificent news story on our screens, and also because it allowed us to feast on human qualities which have been missing from Irish life for what seems likes eons: leadership, community spirit, courage and selflessness.

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