Thursday 14 December 2017

We behaved. We saved. But perhaps we should have spent it after all

John Chambers

First off, let me apologise to my children. Sorry, kids, that you never went to New York. We got the brochures and then decided that it was just too expensive. Same with the planned trip to Oz to see the godparents. And of course then there were the skiing trips. How many brochures for those have I, with some regret, thrown into the green bin down the years?

And for my daughter there's a special apology. Sorry you knew enough about our financial situation not to even bother asking us to go on the language exchange programme when you were in secondary school. You knew we couldn't afford it -- and when I found out the cost I had to agree with you, much as though I felt like a failure.

And then of course for my wife there would have to be a whole raft of apologies. For the holidays in Wales (not that we didn't enjoy them) when others seemed to be paddling on beaches in the Indian Ocean rather than the Irish Sea. For the fact that we drive a six-year-old car and have walked out of various car dealers in the past 12 months with many a backward glance. And most recently for the house we wanted but decided not to even bid on because the move would wreck what savings we had. Savings which are now being taxed at 30 per cent to help bail out the state -- that's on money which has already been taxed before we squirrelled it away.

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