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We are going to the polls in the shadow of 'Yes' lies

Fear, lies and an array of blatant illegalities by the Irish Government and by Europe have characterised the 'Yes' campaign in the repeat referendum on which we vote tomorrow. Though the 'No' campaign has also produced dishonesty and misrepresentation, it has not had the capacity to invoke or spread fear amongst Irish people. Its lies have been the subject of much more open and aggressive debate than those coming from the 'Yes' side. And it has simply not been able to engage in the kind of illegalities in which the European Commission and the European Parliament have engaged, nor has it had the political and public access to power that has led to abuse from the State itself.

The result has been a momentous division in this society, which began immediately after the June 2008 referendum result, when Brian Cowen deliberately and unconstitutionally turned his back on almost a million voters who decided what he had asked them to decide. He opened a breach in our democracy and he and his foreign affairs minister began a process of undermining the people who had so voted.

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