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Monday 23 October 2017

Warning growls as John calls FG rottweiler to heel

JOHN Gormley is very keen on the whole wheeze of microchipping. Not only is it a more efficient way of monitoring the movements of dogs, but "it's superior and cheaper" than the common practice of tattooing.

Neither Enda Kenny or Brian Cowen were in the Dail chamber when the Environment Minister was kicking off the debate on the Dog Breeding Establishments Bill yesterday afternoon, but both beleaguered party leaders may well have thought it was a jolly good idea.

Enda, who has just survived the (presumably) Last Heave of Summer, and the Taoiseach, who isn't so much captain of a Ship of State as of a parliamentary party more akin to the mutinous HMS Bounty, may well consider mandatory chipping of party members. Just think how easy their lives would be if they could track the movements of their strays -- any gatherings of more than a handful of known hungry hounds in suspicious venues like the Green Isle hotel.

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