Monday 19 March 2018

Wake up, ditch the ego, live in the moment for the here and now

Eckhart Tolle tells Victoria Mary Clarke how to achieve awakened consciousness

We live in a very messed up world. All over the place people are killing each other, torturing each other, stealing from each other and exploiting each other in every way imaginable. Apart from the overt hostility and suspicion that we are witness to, there is also much self-inflicted human suffering in the form of addiction, greed, envy, self-loathing, and a host of other neuroses. This is not to mention what we are collectively doing to the planet and the animal kingdom.

Given all this trouble and strife, it is a very brave man indeed who comes along and says he has the solution. Eckhart Tolle is such a man. For those not familiar with him, Eckhart is a German-born spiritual teacher who has written several international best-sellers, including The Power of Now and more recently A New Earth, which has already sold six million copies and is recommended by Oprah.

"Eckhart Tolle will give you the confidence to let go of fear, anxiety and the eternal quest for more," says the back cover of A New Earth. If you read the book, it adds, you will "stop defining your life and start living it with true openness and freedom".

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