Friday 25 May 2018

Voice of liberal intolerance must not muffle opinion

We all have a right to privately express our views, regardless of who disagrees with them, writes Eilis O'Hanlon

The president of the United States says his 10-pin bowling scores are "a bit Special Olympics", and fawning liberals rush to pretend it never happened, and, even if it did, Obama didn't mean it. Two Sky Sports presenters, meanwhile, say women don't understand the offside rule, and they're thrown to the wolves.

Of course, Andy Gray was only sacked after footage appeared on YouTube of him suggestively asking a female presenter to tuck a microphone down the front of his pants, and Richard Keys departed soon afterwards, muttering conspiratorially on radio about "dark forces". But even if Keys hadn't departed voluntarily, and Gray had kept his trouser-related suggestions to himself, Sky would still surely have found a way to show the Gruesome Twosome the door. The King Herods in the media were already calling for the men's heads on a plate from the moment that tape appeared of them before last week's Premiership match between Liverpool and Wolves questioning the right of women to be referees.

And you know what? Who cares? By all accounts, Gray and Keys are a couple of deeply unpleasant, alpha-lame creeps who've long thrown their weight around like they truly believed they were the God of Football's chosen representatives on Earth, making themselves about as popular with their colleagues, male as well as female, as an outbreak of dyslexia at a spelling bee. As a female viewer, they always made my flesh crawl. They won't be missed.

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