Tuesday 24 October 2017

Vicky Notaro: You're nobody unless you're on TV these days

A few years ago, you'd know an actor had really fallen from grace if he ended up on television. It would be akin to a prime-time sitcom star being cast in a daytime soap – in other words, unheard of. The very definition of A-list was the ability to sell out a box office using star power, and only lowlier, supporting thesps would consider a role on the box. Stars graduated from the small screen to the silver, and few leading lads and ladies would consider a return to television lest it be seen as a step backwards.

The tables have turned in recent years, however. Now comes the news that acting icon Daniel Day-Lewis is top of the list to play the main character in 'The Gilded Age', the most anticipated upcoming US series. What's unusual is that this news is not only credible, but well received by fans and critics alike.

From the creators of 'Downton Abbey', a hit both here and in the US, the fact that these casting rumours weren't believed to be a prank shows just how far the trend has come. Long gone are the days when a leading actor would storm out of their agent's office if a network pilot was suggested. I'd wager the opposite is true as we approach 2013, and TV continues to revisit its Golden Age.

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