Wednesday 17 January 2018

Vicki Notaro: The stupidity of driving selfies

‘Selfie’ has been proclaimed 2013’s ‘word of the year’
‘Selfie’ has been proclaimed 2013’s ‘word of the year’
Vicki Notaro

Vicki Notaro

There are many faux pas one can make on Instagram. Using too many hashtags screams of begging for followers. Double filtering your pictures until the subject looks like an alien. Making compliation posts of your #ootd (that’s “outfit of the day” for the uninitiated). Taking pictures of your cornflakes. However, perhaps the greatest Insta-error ever has been highlighted this week – the #drivingselfie. The hashtag has millions of hits on Instagram, and appears to show a further degeneration of our humanity.

Full disclosure - I’m a fan of the occasional selfie. I don’t approve of posting them on a daily basis, of constant duckface or posting the same photo with five different filters because you couldn’t decide which one made you look hotter. But on a day when you’re feeling fly and have perfected your eyeliner, or you have a new haircut to show to the world, there’s nothing wrong with posting an Instagram self-portrait.

Certain places lend themselves very well to a selfie session. Mirrored lifts for example, or in a taxi on the way out. However there are times that should be completely off limits, out of propriety and basic human decency. Nobody wants to see a toilet selfie, for example. Last week, funeral selfies were the hot topic, highlighting how low the human race can stoop when seeking “likes” and attention. This week’s hullaballoo may not be as shocking due to the lack of a corpse in the background, but snapping selfies while driving is so dangerous it could certainly result in one.

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