Saturday 16 December 2017

Vicious exchanges now bode ill for post-election talks


Sunday, Feb 6: No major change in the Sunday Business Post opinion poll: FG 35 (+2); Lab 22 (+1); FF 17 (+1); SF and Greens unchanged at 13 and 2. But there is a significant drop in independent support -- from 15 to 11 -- reflecting the shuffling off stage of such high-profile media wannabe TDs as Eamon Dunphy and Fintan O'Toole.

Fascinating Fianna Fail party political broadcast featuring Micheal "My Father was a Bus Driver" Martin. We learn that his father boxed for Ireland and, he proudly tells us on his Cork walkabout, all that voters asked him when he was first canvassing was whether he was the Champ's son. And this from the man who's busy telling us out of the other side of his mouth that there must be an end to parish-pump politics!

The strategy is clear enough. Distract the voters with a quick trot through a genuinely happy family life in the hope that they'll forget all about Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowan, his godfathers in the Fianna Fail family, and his 14 years as at the Fianna Fail cabinet table. So, too, with his preaching to us, in his best priesteen manner, that "this election is not about swapping one crowd for another".

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