Friday 19 July 2019

Ugly sisters of dysfunctional family dictating visiting rights

Enough already. Ten years after the Belfast Agreement, and we now learn -- by presidential fiat, no less -- that the heads of the two states cannot meet on sovereign Irish soil until full devolution occurs in the North. So, relations between the two great Anglophone common-law states of Europe apparently are, once again, to be decided by a minority of querulous, violent, self-pitying, grudge-revering, ancestor-worshipping pagans, outside the jurisdiction of the Republic, and quite beyond the control of London.

In other words, we are behaving once again like some vast dysfunctional family, skulking in its bedrooms, and insisting that A may visit B, and A and B may visit D and C, but B may not visit A without C and D's permission. Thus, the Queen, yes, capital Q, may visit the North, but not the Republic. Meanwhile, President McAleese may visit both the North and Britain. Bonkers -- utterly, utterly bonkers, as usual.

Yet we were supposed to have ended all our differences, with a certain "agreement" in 1998. But even this goes by two names. To unionists, it is the Belfast Agreement; to nationalists, it is the Good Friday Agreement, following the debased tradition of giving secular nationalist events religious titles. Thus the Easter Rising, the ultimate and final blasphemy, wherein the murder of Irish civilians in the streets of Dublin shares the same title as the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Redeemer of Mankind, three days after his own murder.

How perverse and meaningless must that grasp of Christianity be which sanctifies the butchery of the innocents of Dublin with the very name of the greatest and most awe-inspiring event in the entire Christian calendar? So was that what Calvary what was all about: Jesus dying on the cross and being resurrected three days later in order to provide a divine authorisation for Irishmen to kill fellow Irishmen 2,000 years later? To so use Christ's torment and death is blasphemy, sacrilege, and political simony.

Two years ago we heard from Bishop Smith of Meath about the blood-sacrifice of the men of 1916, but hardly a word about the involuntary blood-sacrifice of their victims -- the men, woman and children, at least 30 of the final category -- who were killed long before the executions of the insurgent leaders. The "Easter" Rising is now, once again, fashionable, and is the centre-piece of the nationalist commandeering of religious holy days, so undoing the work of the early Christian fathers. For they had sanitised pagan festivals, turning Saturnalia into Christmas, and christianising the feast of the spring goddess Eostre, which actually occurred on this very date, March 21, when daylight once again exceeds the night.

As it happens, for Irish blood-worshippers, March 21 is actually one of the greatest of all days. For 90 years ago this very morning, the titanic German offensive intended to end the Great War fell on the two Irish divisions -- the 16th and the 36th -- near Peronne in France. Some 1,700 men of these divisions died in the ensuing fighting, about 1,000 of them Irish, Northerner and Southerner, Catholic and Protestant. In other words, more Irishmen were killed on this day in 1918 than on any other day in history, save on July 1, 1916.

There we have it: one island, one common history of suffering, and so much thereby to bind us. Instead, we have exulted in petty differences, and have entrusted our future to the conjoined Ugly Sisters of Sinn Fein-DUP: a mixture of Haiti's Tonton Macoute and some particularly demented sect of Korean Mormons. But that, of course, was the great MI5 project all along: to destroy the centre of the SDLP and the unionists, and place the lunatics on the throne.

But the Tonton Macoute and Seoul Lake City elders are not governing; indeed, they cannot govern. They have no consensus or programme. They spend, but they cannot rule and, meanwhile, peace-lines spread through Belfast like fissures in a cracked cup. And this is the real reason behind unionist anger over the outwardly petty issue of 'God Save the Queen' not being played at international rugby matches at Ravenhill. The pride and self-esteem of the decent, law-abiding Ulster Protestants have been systematically affronted by the endless governmental kowtowing to the Ugly Sisters.

And what about the rest of us? What about the visit of Queen Elizabeth to Dublin? According to our President, this "of course" cannot now happen until the Ugly Sisters have agreed upon a final settlement. Excuse me, but where does this "of course" come from? There is nothing "of course" about it. Because any government whose foreign policy guest-lists are decided by those who live beyond its borders has simply surrendered sovereignty, and is therefore in violation of the Constitution. That would be bad enough, but perhaps even worse is the certainty that an invitation to Queen Elizabeth can now be vetoed by the IRA army council. That's the thing about this peace process: you keep thinking it has hit its moral nadir, and that it can't get any more depraved; but yes, it always can.

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